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The Wetherby Schools Photographic Archive
and Nostalgia Experience


…is an independently owned enterprise, established January 2000.
It is entirely unofficial and has no links with any of the schools featured. From Day One the aim has been to assemble the largest collection of Wetherby-related old school photographs and paraphernalia on the world wide web.
a typical mid-70s Wetherby High School class photo The collection is freely available to anyone who ever went to school in the Yorkshire market town of Wetherby and environs (or anyone who knows someone who did). Hopefully it will be a source of reference for those with an interest in the past, family historians, memory-lane merchants and nostalgia freaks... as well as providing an opportunity for today's kids to see how great and groovy their parents once looked!
a view of Wetherby High School Within these pages you'll find references to people or events lost in the mists of school reports you're glad you never got (or did you?), learn about thrashings handed out by woodwork teachers and read about pedagogues you thought you'd consigned to the annals of history. What's more, amongst the hundreds of pictures you will surely see faces you haven't seen for years!
And that's not all - you can help too - if you have anything to add, please send it in. There is no charge for viewing any of the material but voluntary financial donations will ensure the survival of the archive and are always welcome....

Chalky Blackboard Text St. James C of E, Moorlands, Wetherby County Secondary Modern, Wetherby High School, Crossley Street, Deighton Gates and schools in the surrounding villages of Spofforth, Collingham, East Keswick, Bardsey and beyond...class photos, netball teams, football and rugby teams, youth clubs, lollipop men, school trips, teachers... all human life is here!
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Review the days that shaped your life... relive the discomfort of school uniforms and ludicrous hair-styles... if you close your eyes you can almost smell the wax crayons, the poster paints, the school dinners, the chalk dust.... are you there yet?