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Item submitted by date
WHS Unnamed Class 1957 January 2018
WHS Formal Opening 1968 October 2017
WHS Tower Block 1968 October 2017
WHS Gym Activity 1968 October 2017
WHS 2017 Reunion for 1969 starters October 2017
WHS 1992 Reunion for 1969 starters October 2017
WHS Mr Webb's Class 1967 September 2017
Deighton Gates Mrs Manners' Class March 2017
Deighton Gates Mr Cowper's Class March 2017
WHS Form TWO/3 February 2017
WHS Stage productions 1970s February 2017
WHS Orchestra Late 1980s February 2017
WHS Orchestra Members 1970s February 2017
WHS Orchestra Members 1970s February 2017
WHS Orchestra Rehearsal 1970s February 2017
Church Street Junior School Mr Moore's Class 1956 January 2017
Collingham School Forms J3 and J4 1969 January 2017
WHS Inter House Athletics Meeting 1975 September 2016
Secondary School Unnamed Form 1958 January 2016
St James Miss Franks' Class 1970 January 2016
Crossley Street Teachers 1970 December 2015

"I love the picture of the 2 Mr Jordans, we called the older one Jesus Jordan, he taught RE
Mr Enticknapp threw a board rubber at us most days too - he taught English. The best was when we blew a condom up at some event day and Mrs Davidson walked round school with it on some ribbon.
Did they ever find the hole in the wall in the boys' showers? Colin Shipman stuck his parker pen in a socket in the science lab and fused it all...happy days xx"
"You have a lovely web site and it is much better than friends reunited"
"I think your web site is really great, certainly brought back some memories"
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