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Date Teacher Details Victim
c 1962 Ms. Hall "I got a ruler on the back of my legs off her" Steve P
  Mr. W. Morris Caning - "my misdemeanour was to move from one side of a classroom to the other after being instructed to remain where I was by some lunchtime supervisor - anarchy or what!" Pete Makin
1968 Dougie Webb Caned for talking in class Steve P
1969 Mr. Whitehead Use of "Excalibur" the wooden bat for reasons forgotten (see footnote) Chris George
1968/69 Miss Majerus I went to primary school in Scotland where you got the strap (across your hands) for the slightest misdemeanour. School in England was a disciplinary liberal experience. But one day in TWO/1 '68 or '69 all the boys, except 2, in Monday's treble woodwork decided to misbehave whilst Mr. Brook was out of the room. He didn't return by the bell so we went to our last lesson, English with our form teacher, Miss Majerus. Half way through Mr. Brook entered and explained that his pristine workshop was a mess and the noise created was heard in the staff room, where he was probably lurking. Miss Majerus went ballistic. All the boys were called up one at a time for three of the worst. Including the 2 exceptions, Gordon Whitelock and myself. So thanks for that, really glad I could be lumped together with the louts in our class! Phil Robertson
c 1972 D.E. Surfleet Clout round the head (with clenched fist) for using a lathe in a life-threatening manner Steve Knight
unknown Miss Majerus Ruler across the knuckles for talking in class Diane Bonner
1972 Mr. S. Ramsden "Caught smoking on the school field. Only girl out of 10 lads. New law saved me (girls couldn't be caned)" Diane Bonner
c 1977 Mr. D. Cummings "Hit across the head for smiling whilst being told off, so hard I've only just landed, 24 years later and 100 miles away in Lincolnshire" Stuart Rennie
c 1980 Mr Hunter " Went to front of class for the third time in the lesson to ask how to solve a maths problem (not my strong subject). Rose from his desk and gave me a deadleg whilst muttering something about me being thick. I duly crawled back to my desk and kept quiet after that Nick Wood
WSPANE banner ASSAULT LOG or good old fashioned schooling?

...slipperings, canings and other corporal acts inflicted upon sundry miscreants and ne'er-do-wells.

From Pete Makin : "I think it would be fitting to pay tribute to the hundreds who suffered at the hands (or more specifically the bats) of Mr.Whitehead. "Touch your toes" are words engraved on our minds. Special mention should also be given to those brave souls who fruitlessly destroyed this vile weapon, only to witness it's subsequent numerous reincarnations under the guises of Mk2, Mk3, Mk4 etc.
Time will not weary them, nor the years condemn....
add your experience..this is not a witch-hunt but the same names might crop up again and again - "touch your toes!"
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