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WSPANE banner Wetherby High School : A View Of The School Before You Went There
This image has been supplied by Sonny Gardiner and shows the construction of the main school tower block. The picture was taken from the former Teesdale and Metcalfe site.
Mr G. claims the distinction of having cut the first piece of steel used on the new building.
This is how the Lineone Schoolsnet guide describes it:
"This over-subscribed school was founded in 1966 on a 'pleasant' site in the market town of Wetherby on the River Wharfe. It is close to the A1 and to centres such as Harrogate, York and Leeds. The school buildings vary in age, with the newest less than 10 years old. Sport is a 'strong' feature of the curriculum and all main team or individual games are offered. Pupils can also participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. Provision for music includes a concert band, an orchestra and a 'wide range' of instrumental teaching. A Parent Teacher Association provides support to the school. The school has a quiet, purposeful atmosphere, but one that is happy and quite relaxed. Bullying is rare"


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