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Cattle Market Development Wetherby, 2005 Cattle Market Development Wetherby June 2006
Cattle Market/Lorry Park Development Wetherby, 2007 Lorry Park Development Wetherby, 2015
WSPANE banner Wetherby Cattle Market Development 2005/2006/2007/2015

Top left : July 2005. The site of the former cattle market with the Angel laid bare.
Top right : Cattle market/Marks and Sparks development June 2006
Bottom left : The remains of the Lorry Park 'Bogs', August 2007. The Morrisons Shopping Experience gleams in the background
Bottom right : The brand new car park on the site of the former Lorry Park, October 2015. The Health Centre and High School in the background

submitted by Ken Phigs (top/bottom left), Dick Knight (top right), Steve Knight (bottom right)
That stinking old market, with it's buckled corrugated and cow piss streaming down the gutters was an absolute eyesore, yet it's agricultural beginnings and it's bourgeois aspirations are Wetherby in a nutshell.
- Sir Erich Mold, 2004

See what became of the Big House Opposite the School Gates

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