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The Histories of HMS Ceres and some of Wetherby's Schools are inextricably linked, and the reasons are plain to see - Many of the HMS Ceres Moorlands Camp's buildings became part of Moorlands School and, later, the High School/Secondary Modern. Those of a certain age will no doubt have spent some time within the ex-naval buildings during their school years, whether they were getting to grips with the basics of rural studies with Farmer Palmer, or digging out rusty old sports equipment from one of the cobweb infested outposts or even taking a French Oral exam in "the Annexe". There's no doubt the red-brick buildings were as much a part of the school in those days as the (then) brand-new tower block. These pictures were sent in by Tim Midgley, now living in Australia but who spent his formative years in the Ceres Married Quarters.
Read his recollections of the 1950's. If you can add to this collection, either with a picture, a memory, a name or a correction please let me know

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Top 1: Group of Stores trainees 1954, building typical of Ceres. 2: TM's father 4th left front row, taken out the back of Ceres, 3: Trainee Writers, back of photo has signatures (qv).TM father centre, front row, 5: The start of initiative training exercise, Tim's father in uniform. "These exercises were exhausting. My father described how he was on one at Wetherby. They are driven at night to a freezing isolated moorland, given a map and told to find their way to various places. When they arrived they were given a dousing with freezing cold water as a reward for their efforts - such were Naval exercises."

I had hoped to incorporate relevant text in here as the images change but at this time this is beyond my pathetically inadequate knowledge. If anyone can offer any pointers…please feel free!

HMS Ceres Location 1950's Wetherby

Bottom 1: Front row 3rd left Tim Geany, 4th left TM father. "These two became great friends and pranksters. They brought my first bottle of 'cola' back after a night on the town in Scarborough. I opened it and it was cold tea!", 2: TM father 2nd left, 3: TM father 5th right, second row, 4: TM father 2nd left, back row, dated 1954. From Bob Jenkins, ex-CPO Writer, RNR: "Front row, seated on left with glasses is C.P.O. Writer Godden. He was my instructor for part 2 training, March to July 1952" 5. Rum Rations, pre 1953 (submitted by Dick Knight)
"In the photograph called Rum Rations, the man on the far left of the picture (holding a key in his hand) is my father Sub Lieutenant Robert Wood, who stationed at HMS Ceres from April 1951-October 1953. He was secretary to Captain McMillan and was in charge of dishing out the rum rations" - Nicola Wood

Picture E Picture F Picture G Picture H Picture J: Dishing out the rum

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