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Crossley Street 1970
WSPANE banner Crossley Street School 1970 : Miss Hogg's class

back row : Phil Sharp - Roy (Chilly) Chilvers - Peter (?) - Stuart Poulter - Graham Tinning - Steve Benson - Stephen Oddy
third row : Clive Daniels - Adrian Noble - Stephen Scott - James Chamber - Gary Nunn ? - Andrew Hall - Chris Ward - Unknown - Miss Hogg
second row : Andy Coot - Jeremy Marriott - John Serjuener ? - Valerie Todd - Jane Alexander - Debbie Waller - David Marsden - Lindsey Griffiths - Clive (?)
front row : Debbie Bell - Diane Goodyear - Amanda (?) - Lorraine Taylor - Unknown - Debbie Filla - Unknown - Margaret (?) (twin sister of Peter on the back row) - Kim Verity - Valerie Wormald ?

Submitted by Phil Sharp who wonders where Graham Tinning is these days. If anyone knows, please let us know. Picture taken in the car park of St James' School
additional info from Miss Hogg (now Mrs Gilly Garner), December 2015.
"Why this picture was taken in the church car park I will never know* (see answer below) although we used to walk down from Crossley Street to the church rooms every day for our dinners. We used to play a game where if you stood on a yellow paving slab you were said to love Mrs Yellow!"
"Crossley street primary was overcrowded that year and we were one of three classes moved to the Church classrooms next to the Church. Mrs.Yellow and Mrs Poucher were the other teachers.
Does any one remember the production of the 'Golden Goose' that we did that year?
I can't believe how short my skirts were in those days. How on earth did I bend down in a ladylike manner? We also had a class hamster that went missing for about five months and was later found in the paper cupboard. He must have lived on scraps of food that were dropped on the floor, as we ate lunch in the classroom." - Gilly Garner nee Hogg

Dedicated to the memory of Diane Goodyear

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