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Crossley Street Teachers 1970
WSPANE banner Crossley Street School, Teaching Staff 1970

back row : Unknown - Unknown - Pauline Yellow - Mrs Graham ? - Mr I'Anson - Gil Grierson - Bill Bradshaw - Pauline Poucher - Mrs Dealtry - Mrs Motley (was Barker) - Gilly Hogg
front row : Alison Forsyth - Mrs Seward or Burgess (?) - Mrs Scoreby - Frank Leafhead (Headmaster) - Rory Moore - Anne Dyer - Unknown

submitted by Mrs Gilly Garner (was Hogg) 16th December 2015
additional info from Jean Woodcock (was Holt), Barry Davies, Tina Bradshaw, Diane Hancock, Charlie Dawson, Catherine Mckeown and Pete Honeyman, who writes:
"Frank Leafhead was the pianist in my dad's band at one time. My mum was school secretary at this time, but isn't in the picture."
" I think the lady on the far left of the front row is Alison Forsyth. She used to sing in a quartet with her husband, John, who I believe taught guitar for WRCC music service. Gil Grierson left to run a pottery somewhere near Penrith, I think." - Tina Bradshaw
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