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Crossley Street School
WSPANE banner Crossley Street School Mrs Lyons Class circa 1970

back row: Peter Hatfield or Schofield (?) - Simon Chambers - Nick Charlton - Paul Jeynes - Gary Sansam - John Davy - Michael Holdsworth (?) - David Holt - Nigel Marshall - Gordon Robinson ? - Mrs Freda Lyons
third row: Anita Wright (?) - Diane Scott - Gwyneth Dyer - Unknown - Diane Bayley - Karen Parkinson - Jill Seymour - Susan Myers - Christine Miller - Rachel Harris - Joan Whitelock(?)
second row : Unknown - Beverley Selves - Denise James - Penny Kemp - Joanna Kidson - Unknown - Linda Bishop - Christine Pearson - Hazel James* - Kathryn Wilkie
front row: Mark Hutchinson - Alan Hewison - Nicholas Stickler - Colin Young - Keith Mallaby

* Hazel James formerly listed as "Gillian ?"
Date update from Keith Mallaby :
"I didn't wear glasses until 1969. I'm pretty sure my teachers at Crossley Street were: Miss Barker (68/69), Mr I'Anson ? (69/70) and Mrs Lyons (70/71). Assuming that pictures were taken at the start of the school year that would date this picture at Sept/Oct 1970"

submitted by Mark Hutchinson May 2000. Additional info suggested by Anita Wright (now Ward), Christine Miller (now Pearce), Karen Hornby (nee Parkinson), Diane Oakley (nee Bonner), Keith Mallaby and Hazel James who has stated definitively that this is Crossley Street and not St James or Deighton Gates as had previously been suggested
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