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The Swinging Sixties, Carnaby Street, Crossley Street...

Crossley Street June 1966 Pam Turner and Carole Stancer, Harrogate 66 left: "taken outside the Art Room at Crossley Street on 27 June 1966...four young ladies about to leave school...left to right - May McCarlie, Sue Parkin, Fay Addiman and Sylvia Kitchen."
lower left : "taken in May 1965 on the school field at Crossley Street. Pupils from left to right are Christine Oldroyd, Sally Philips, Sheila Suttle, Steven Coote, Brian Byrom, Raymond Oldroyd and Kenneth Catmul"
lower right : "this photo was taken in May 1965 on the school field at Crossley Street. The houses at Barleyfields are behind. From left to right the pupils are Hazel Ward, Jane Tobin, Janet Stang and June Forth, holding a poster of our beloved P.J. Proby! (well someone had to be a fan!!) "
right : Pam Turner and Carole Stancer pictured in Harrogate, 1966.
memory stretcher : Does anyone remember the silver birch tree on the mound in the furthest corner of the field? It was a real focal point in break times.
Crossley Street 1965 Carole Stancer 1962 This collection of 1960s Crossley Street pictures was sent in by Carole Stancer (pictured in 1962 in her first school photo at Wetherby Secondary Modern School)
Crossley Street P.J. Proby fans
WSPANE banner Crossley Street School, before England won the World Cup

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