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Kirk Deighton C of E Junior School circa 1967
WSPANE banner  Kirk Deighton C of E Junior School c. 1967

back row : John Reynolds - David Culloden - Michael Yeoman - Charles ? - Peter ? - Stanley Hullah
middle row : Sheila Thompson - Joanne Fearn - Sandra Thompson - Anne Birchall - Sally Tunstall - Patricia Bennett
front row : Janet Raine - Fiona Smith - Anne Mathieson - Patricia Kinsey - Diane Marriott - Katy Mills

Submitted by Pat Bennett (now Shepherd), November 16th 2007.
Pat: "John Reynolds won Kickstart on TV in the 80s and went on to be a top national (and international) trials rider.
This photo was of the last two years of the school, the school only having around 60 pupils. Most of the kids went on to WHS. I remember Mrs. Dyer who taught years 3 or 4, was married to Dan Dyer, teacher at Wetherby High, she was lovely. A nice school overall, apart from the headmistress (a MISS Caton - says everything) who had it in for timid little me. My sister was in the year above me and then went to Knaresborough - such is the problem of living between Knaresborough and Wetherby, families are split never to be the same again!"
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