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Pictures of General Interest from Wetherby and Environs

The crowd, VE Parade in Kirk Deighton, 1945

Picture Subject Date Submitted by
1 6 Victoria Street 1920's/30's? Roger Bean
2 Dalby's Garage early 1930's Roger Bean
3 Pantomime Cast and Helpers 1950's Roger Bean
4 V.E.Day Parade I 1945 Cynthia Hurn
5 V.E.Day Parade II 1945 Cynthia Hurn
6 Aerial View of Wetherby c 1991 Anne Blaney
7 Wetherby Cub Scouts c.1959/60 John Carling
8 Wetherby Youth Club Aladdin 1961 Michael Lister
9 Wetherby Youth Club Snow White 1959 Michael Lister
10 Wetherby Youth Club Panto 1960 Michael Lister
11 British Library Football Team 1978 Dave Knight
12 Iraq War, Returning Hero 2009 Diane Oakley
13 British Library Ladies Football Team 1981 Jean Wooler

If you have a picture you'd like to add to this section, please let me know. Items should feature Wetherby landmarks and/or well known faces, organisations etc. Pictures of Great Aunt Doris in the back garden in 1930 should instead be sent to (doesn't really exist, please don't click!)

High Street Wetherby 1909 Market Place, Wetherby 1909

images supplied by Craig Pinder. left : High Street, Wetherby 1909, right : Market Place 1909

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