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Dalby's Garage, Wetherby
" My father is on the left. The writing on the back of the photo is faded but I think that the gent in the middle is called Dick and the one on the right is either the driver of a family called (L or S) Fox or Mr. Dalby. Date of photo is unknown but probably early 1930s (before petrol pumps were installed). If so, this would date the Council School photos that I sent earlier at 1922-ish."
see the Council School Photos

From Lorna Thornton (nee Scruton): "my dad bought our first bike second hand from Dalby's garage for the price of 15 shillings!" (75p)
WSPANE banner Wetherby Scenes. No. 2: Dalby's Garage
Submitted by Roger Bean, December 12 2002.
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