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VE Day Celebrations, 1945, Kirk Deighton "This picture, taken in Lime Kiln Lane which runs down past the Bay Horse, features local children in the V. E. Day parade as it made it's way through the streets of the village."
Cynthia Hurn is Britannia, fourth from the left. Other names of those taking part on the day include Brian Ward as "Squanderbug", Eric Bowes (teddy bear), Maureen Green, Peter Fulford ("Wot No Coupons"), Susan Douthwaite (soldier with flag), Marjorie Blakeson (crinoline lady), Ronnie Bowes (old Mother Reilly), Janice Apew (squaw), Wendy Morris (nurse), Ian Douthwaite (chinaman), Margaret Hogg (Bo Peep), David Betts, Alan Bowes, Amy and Marjorie Rispin, Joan Ward, Betty Deighton, Margaret Coulson, Evelyn Betts, Michael Wrigglesworth, Kathleen Knight, Iris Walton, Peggy Blakeson, Annie Taylor, Freda Fulford, Anne Partridge, Valerie Breeze and Edward Green. Adult helpers included Mrs Taylor, Mrs Barton, Alice Raine, Mrs Knights, Mrs Marriot, Mrs Featherstone, Mrs Swann and Mrs Nicholson. The Victory Party took place in the back garden of Mrs Barton's farm, on the Main Street, Kirk Deighton.

WSPANE banner  Wetherby Scenes. No. 5 : V. E. Day Celebrations, Kirk Deighton, 1945
Submitted by Cynthia Hurn (now Knight), December 23 2002
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