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Wetherby Cub Scouts c 1960
"Don't know the name of the lady at the back, we just called her Bageera. The scout was called Mike Burke. Roger Brooks' dad was woodwork teacher at Crossley Street. Peter Carling emigrated to Australia in 1971.
I think that this picture was taken in 1958-ish** in the scout room which was down Scott Lane above some garages , possibly owned by Brigadier Hargreaves. I remember we used to get a bag of chips from the chip shop in Horsefair on the way home - they cost 4d" (about 2p)
From Terry Willcox, 2011: " I am one of the cubs in the photo c.1958. I was a new starter - hence the lack of badges. I am still in scouting 53 years on!"
From Ken McArthur, 2011: "** I think the year (1958) is wrong, I did not move to Wetherby until 1959 so the earliest would be 1959 but could also be 1960."
WSPANE banner  Wetherby Scenes. No. 7: Cub Scouts, c.1958-60

back row : Roger Brooks - Martin Lumb - Unknown - Ken McArthur - Jeremy Atack - Unknown - Unknown
middle row : Ian Hutchinson - Terry Jewitt - Ian Webster - Peter Marriott - Unknown - Unknown
front row : David Easton - Terry Willcox - Stuart Roebuck - Peter Carling - Ian Carling - Unknown - John Carling

Submitted by John Carling, February 9th 2007. Additional info from Ken McArthur.
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