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British Library Ladies Football Team c 1981
WSPANE banner  Wetherby Scenes. No.13: British Library; Ladies Football Team, c.1981

back row : Julie Newby - Jenny Tetlow (Davis) - Linda Blake (Healey) - Pam Taylor - Carol Eagles - Dawn Wooler (Hick) - Kris Pickersgill (Gerrard)
front row : Dot Morris (Drydale/Rice) - June Hudson - Janet Davies (Simm) - Gillian Hudson (Riley) - Barbara Wynzar - Jean Widnall (Wooler)
"Can't remember the name of the dog… it belonged to Gillian"
2015 UPDATE :: "Dog is Trixie, owned by my parents" - SH

Assistant Scientific OfficerSubmitted by Jean Widnall (now Wooler), April 20th 2010
additional info from Stephen Hudson
BLLD Mens Team 1978
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