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WHS Form TWO/SC 1976-77
WSPANE banner  The Jim Frusher Collection. Wetherby High School Form TWO/SC 1976-77

back row : Stephen Cazaux - David Cruddos - Andew Fox - Ian Humble - Ashif Lalani - Stuart Lowther - Daniel Sellers - Neal Shepherd
middle row : Colin Simpson - Paul Smith - Stephen Tibbs - Richard Woolley - Christopher Yellow - Carole Berry - Sally Deacey
front row : Paula Green - Angela Jagger - Helen Pattinson - Karen Shaw - Natalie Stewart - Teresa Ward - Andrea Wilcock - Gillian Wilson
absent : Tracey Catley - Collette Wilks
The name Andrew Christie has been deleted from the typed sheet

image and names supplied direct from the Wetherby High School official record.
All names reproduced verbatim

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