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WHS Lower Sixth/1 1976-77
WSPANE banner  The Jim Frusher Collection. Wetherby High School Lower Sixth/1 1976-77

back row : Keith Mallaby - Peter Honeyman - Stephen Tate - David Shuttleworth - Ian Stephenson - Michael Shimeld - Mark Gillett* - Ian Naylor - John Horsefield - Mandy Sykes
front row : Christine Keiller - Julie Gregg - Lindsay Handley - Janine Geddes - Sally Minks - Nicola Swaine - Susan Leslie - Helen Jones - Toni Patterson - Annette Robinson
controversial amendment : *The name Mark Gillett was erased and replaced by "John Roberts" on the original school document but this is surely incorrect?

image and names supplied direct from the Wetherby High School official record.
All names reproduced verbatim

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