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…a proper band with proper gear.

Aftermath Publicity Shot AFTERMATH was in the premier league of the Wharfebeat sound, maybe even in the champions league. Or even, perhaps, the world cup final.

Charlie Noble belting out the hitsAftermath was perhaps the only Wharefbeat band which could seriously consider including covers of Yes songs in its set - the fact the players did it with such panache (and so flawlessly) only serves to confirm their status among the elite. They also had great gear, proper instruments and even a Leslie cabinet - none of your Woolworths rubbish here! They were, according to top notch musicologist Martin O'Flaherty "authentically loud… due, no doubt, to their correct use of the old fashioned valve amps of the day"

Aftermath on stage Famous Aftermath event, Ilkley (?) Festival circa 1976.
Crusty old colonel strides up and insists the band can't play their instruments (!) and that said instruments should be 'taken away' - Wetherby poet and roadie Dave Byrom reasons with the colonel, pointing out that if you take Beethoven's instruments away, he wouldn't be able to play either. Impeccable logic. Exit the colonel.

Aftermath on stage

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