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the Gentle Giant of Wetherby

Buffoon cassette cover Mystical outfit of which little is known, played one concert at the Village Hall, East Keswick in 1975. Influences included Jethro Tull, Genesis, Gentle Giant and Vivaldi. Rehearsals were held in a stable loft in a house near the Bingley Arms in Bardsey. The band took it's name from a cartoon strip which appeared in a school magazine, "The Buffoon's Guide to being Impressive", a biting satire on skinhead culture. left: Rare cassette tape cover circa 1975 - Tales from the Wood, which appeared some two years before Ian Anderson pinched the name, modifying it only slightly for Tull's 1977 Songs from the Wood. The "album" included self-penned hits (anagram) Festival, The Foam Rubber Mattress and Song for Gerald (Payling) alongside Genesis numbers Supper's Ready and For Absent Friends, Steve Howe's tour-de-force Mood For A Day and the Neutrons standards Live Your Lie and No More Straights. It was absolutely horrid.
Line-up :
Dave Knight (vocals), David Umpleby (drums), Jeffrey Ellington (keyboards), Toni Patterson ('cello), John Carter (lead guitar), Spenny (bass), Steve Knight (guitar, flute)


…we've got a cellar and we're gonna use it

Asghard in the Cellar Accomplished though mysterious band, influenced by Zeppelin, Wishbone Ash, Free and The Animals (well, Dave Norman was). So mysterious that the various members don't remember being in it and can't remember the vocalist… and NOBODY can remember how to spell it!
left: This is probably Asghaard snapped in No. 6 Studio, Dave Norman's Rehearsal Complex, York Road circa 1974.
John Carter (guitar), David Hewison (bass), Dave Norman (drums), Ken Karras (vocals) and John Haddlesey (guitar)...but who took the picture? John "Biscuit" Marriot ?
picture courtesy of the John Haddlesey Collection, additional info from David Hewison and "Mad" Martin O'Flaherty (who was also bass player with this band, though not when this picture was taken)


People from Glasshouses shouldn't throw stones...

Emmanuel looking serious Knaresborough-based band, notable for the fact that Wath-legend and bluesman "Mad" Martin was within the ranks. Jon Hall, the Korgi's look-alike guitarist bought Gama's 12-channel MM mixing console at the end of the decade. From the Nidderdale Times: "Emmanuel's music is fantasy-rock, in the same vein as bands like 'Genesis' or 'Yes'. Jon Hall's melodious technique is not unlike that of the former band's ex-guitarist Steve Hackett as well as Camel's Andy Latimer and he rarely plays a lead break, adding to the band's togetherness. Also Graham on keyboards has a style very similar to that of Genesis' Tony Banks, with few organ or moog solos.
With a proven market for their music in today's rock world, and a burning ambition to record and tour, it is to be hoped a promoter recognises the potential of this imaginative local band."

Line-up, left to right :
Jon Hall (guitar), Tony Martin (bass), Dilly Lawson (drums), Graham Spence (keyboards), Des Pearce (12-string guitar)


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