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Gama, like all top-notch Prog Rock Bands were mainly album orientated although they did have some success in the singles charts, particularly in Scandinavia and Norway. Indeed, in 1978 they sold as many Volvos as International supergroup BAAB, who didn't sell any either. They were honoured by the Norvege Institut whose president Johannes Ullmann described them as "an inspiration" and "worthy of serious consideration". He was later arrested, leading to serious rioting on the streets of Trondheim and a small fire in the kitchen at the Hal Ibsen Museum Complexe.

Album Sleeve

Album Sleeve

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The Vinyl Years

Jiggery Pokery LP SleeveJiggery Pokery (1976) GA0001 Like a breath of fresh air to a bronchial pensioner…Top notch stuff! - Sounds, July 1976 …the punks won't like this but I don't suppose the Gama Men will trouble themselves unduly over that. Sex Stranglers watch out!! - Disc, July 1976 …Sales of tinned herring are on the increase but that should not detract from a first rate debut album. I think we might just be witnessing the birth of a new movement within the Rock genre - Herrings Today, August 1976

Sculduggery Record Sleeve 1977 Sculduggery (1977) GA0002 This album makes a mockery of the notion that second albums are difficult -another winner! - Record Mirror, March 1977 Gama are often regarded as the rightful heirs to the throne of Progressive Rock but they're more than that - there's some damn' fine whistling material on this new platter. Buy it before they delete it… - The Tattler, April 1977 From the first rip snorting chord to the final plaintive scream this album is full of chords and notes and other bits and bobs - love it to death…so simple yet so effective - Das Tromso Herald, March 1977

Raising a Stink LP SleeveRaising a Stink (1978) GA004  The standout song is the recent hit single but this album is full of strong material - My grandma wouldn't like it but I do… - Wath Observer, November 1978 My Grandma died shortly after the above review was published and now I feel a bit of a heel - Wath Observer, December 1978 …Well done Gama - an album that positively buzzes with life. It has a magical quality that seems to recharge the batteries, infusing the listener with recaptured youth and a zest for living… (the reviewer died before this review was completed - ed) - The Oldie, December 1978

Great Hits (1979) LP coverGreat Hits (1979) GA876549-0 Biggest load of bollocks I think I've ever heard - NME, May 1979…To think that all this vinyl has been wasted is the worst aspect of this sorry affair - it really is a stinker of an album. I hate it!!! - Wath Observer, May 1979…not only do I hate this album but I also hate everyone who's been involved with it…and anyone who knows them… - Wath Observer, May 1979…What a great album - a must for any serious Rock Fan's collection - these are the anthems of a generation - watch out Rubettes, look out Glitter Band - Gama's gunnin' for ya! - The Sun, June 1979

In Bad Taste - single jacket, Norway 1978In Bad Taste Gama's second single, released in the UK in 1977. By Christmas of the following year it was a worldwide hit and held the No.1 spot in Norway, pipping Cliff Richard's "Screw You, Santa" to the top spot.

Raising a Stink 45Raising a Stink 45 Raising a Stink, the 45rpm edit printed on recycled vinyl. Jimmy Savile, the cigar-totin' sex offender refused to play any Gama records, and his Sunday night show "Say Something Simple" regularly declared itself a Gama-free zone. This single peaked at 59 in the Record Mirror Top 50.

Ken Phigs Album Solo Projects Oddly, there has been very little solo output from the Gama ranks since the breakup. Phil Hitchen has converted his loft into a recording studio and has issued one CD while his neighbours have issued a fatwah. He is now in hiding. Phil Robertson destroyed his collection of priceless guitars in the late 80's, shaved his beard and now lives in semi-retirement on his Otter farm. Dave Atha plays rugby and Dave Knight is preoccupied with charity work. An album of monophonic flute pieces by shadowy associate Ken Phigs (above left) went platinum in Central Liechtenstein shortly after it's release in 1983 but police believe this was a mistake.


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