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Bloody Fasto

it's a great business to be in…

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Fronted by Gor White, elder brother of the infamous Dan Deadnettle on vocals and kazoo and guitar legend Tacker Jule, a man whose geese portrait once adorned the red-brick 6th Form block, Bloody Fasto were a no-frills rock and roll band. Raised in the tough east-side ghettoes of Collingham, their music was as hard as their upbringing. The band also included Ian Tav-McBride on rhythm, Ginger Turner on drums and the notorious James Gaffney on bass. Gaffney achieved this notoriety amongst the men of Max Quad when, during their visit to the Fasto Rehearsal Complex down by the dockside he intoned, in a manner altogether too paternal, the following:
"so you're Max Quad - well, guys it's a great business to be in". Needless to say, the Quad were not impressed and split shortly thereafter. White and Jule were the masterminds behind the infamous 1972 Aqualung songbook heist but that's a side-issue and need not detain us here.

Fasto Quaffing top left: Collingham's finest - Bloody Fasto pictured at Bardsey. Experts believe the PA may have been the property of Buffoon.
left: not so Bloody Fasto outside the Minstrel Gallery…or in the Red Lion car park, if you prefer
"so you're Bloody Fasto? well, guys, it's a crap car park to be in"


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