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Gama on Stage in 1978

Gama Day 17/9/77

Gama's debut at Spofforth Memorial Hall with Big Dog… both bands combine for a rousing version of the Turtles' Happy Together… former potato-salesman Joe Mills dancing in the crowd to X Marks the Spot…other gamatunes in the set - In Bad Taste, Raising a Stink, Man on Stilts… don't you wish you'd been there?
Gig Facts…

Stillbirth of the Blues

Wetherby, a sprawling mass of humanity perched high above the Vale of York can claim many things of note - it was, for instance, the birthplace of the fourth century pontiff Clive Bishop, of whom nothing is known and the town where TV celebrity Jed Baxter was born and raised. In the field of Rock Music, however, it has had little to distinguish it from thousands of other dormitory towns strewn across the land. With one notable exception

Gama in a da gada da VidaAmongst devotees of Progressive Rock, the name Vasco da Gama is revered. This is due in no small part to a string of hit records and sell-out shows in the late 1970s. A remarkable achievement considering that the nation was gripped at the time by disco fever and the New Wave with acts like Boogienites and Jilted John sweeping all before them. For the Gama Men Wetherby was home. And in the field of Prog Rock, they had few equals. From their inception in 1976 to their farewell in 1979, Gama built a reputation as an exciting, dynamic comb0…

Vasco da Gama and a seed drillIn 1976, at a time when British society was on the rocks, the dumbing down of popular culture began to gather pace. Indeed many experts and entertainment technicians believe the seeds of destruction, the bitter fruits of which are all too evident today, were planted and nurtured during this period. It is important to note that in the mid 1970s the celebrity-obsessed culture, so prevalent in the 21st century, was only in it's infancy and it was possible to have a good night out for less than €7 It was from within this unpromising environment that Gama struggled towards the light, reaching out for a higher ground. They have never been nominated for an Ivor Novello award, they have never courted fame and they have never become part of the popular consciousness in the way that Robbie Williams and BA Robertson have. Equally, they have never soiled themselves. So what. Anyone can do that. God Bless 'em.

…and now the worm has turned and anything goes and still the world is rotten to the core with it's false pop idols and other stinking vermin and where has it got you? Nobloodywhere! Give this lot a listen and ditch your sanitised garbage–who needs it! Nobloodyone, that's who!

Meet at the Gama-Gate An inedible amount of sewage has flown under the bridge since Gama called it a day but now the time is right for a comeback- the better element demand it, tomorrow's generation deserve it. Remember - if an old lady with a fishbone can cheat death then so can the most underrated Progressive Rock Band of the last 2000 years - it's time to throw off the shrouds - there's life in the old dog yet! - the time is NOW the time is GAMA TIME!

Dave Atha Knight Major Dave Knight-Songsmith Jamus Umpleby


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