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Max Quad

very 'eavy, very awful

Quad ticket Archetype heavy rock four-piece which featured the peculiar vocal talents of Stevan Alcock. Steve Taylor's only band, we think. Quad played one live concert at the Crypt Youth club in Wetherby in 1974 and were not asked back. The set included rock standards "Smoke on the Water" and "Alright Now" though sometimes it was not obvious.

Rehearsals were held every Tuesday night in a musty room at the back of the Crypt, where the stench of death mingled uneasily with the stink of hormones.

rare publicity shot of Max QuadThe Quad split late 1974 when half the band merged with the two-man Scapegoat, leaving Alcock to initially pursue a solo career in the then popular singer/songwriter mould before turning up in the European avant-garde with Leningrad Sandwich, and Taylor to concentrate on painting and decorating and driving the baker's van.

Stevan Alcock (vocals), Steven Taylor (drums), Tony Martin (bass), Steve Knight (guitar)

above left: Rare concert ticket 1974. Note the admission price - FREE!


and who can blame them?

Goats of the scape variety Originally an unconventional two-man outfit, The Goat became a four-piece following the demise of Max Quad in 1974 with the addition of bass and guitar. Despite this more orthodox instrumentation the band failed to make an impact, never played live and split later that year. Influences included Deep Purple and Jethro Tull, though the music scarcely revealed that. "best forgotten"

Rehearsed at the Birkby Grange Chateau complex at Thorner, home of drummer Umpleby.
Dave Knight (vocals)
David Umpleby (drums)
Tony Martin (bass)
Steve Knight (guitar, flageolet)


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