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During a recent excavation, a copy of a 1975 vintage school magazine, "Fully Comprehensive" was unearthed. This magazine came in a brown paper bag and sold for 10p - for younger readers, that's a florin - with the proceeds presumably going to a worthy cause. The contents list is reproduced below.

Fully Comprehensive School Magazine 1975

CAUTION - please be advised that all links to reproduced articles are opened at your own risk.
It is inevitable that after 25 years or more some of them will REALLY STINK!


Contents, Contenu, Inhalt

  1. The relic remains of a dead man's dream - novella by Barbara Wanless : read it
    Editorial by Paul Jarvis
  2. Slums - uncredited piece
  3. Untitled illustration by J.U.
  4. The case against exams - the thoughts of Mark Trepte (third year)
  5. Why I hate exams - ditto Richard Smalley (THREE/MM)
  6. School - poem by Lindsey Platt (fourth year)
  7. School days - poem by Richard Jackson (second year)
  8. We hate that stuff (thanks to Adrian Henri) - collective poem by 3PJ
  9. We're here because we're here because... - short story by "W."
  10. Horseride - blank verse by Nicholas Charlton (fourth year)
  11. Our cherry-hatted friend (the examiner) - uncredited poem
  12. Transcript of interview 29/01/75 at Newcastle Kim Herring Upper VI
  13. Untitled - poem by Sonya Hill (fifth year)
  14. Billy Bremner - unsigned pencil illustration
  15. Miniature monsters - poem by Helen Wormald (third year)
  16. Fruit bat - unsigned pencil illustration
  17. The buffoon's guide to being impressive - cartoon strip by Steve Knight Lower VI
  18. Terminus - novella by Anna Mace Lower VI : read it
  19. Light bulb - poem by Jonathan Handley (second year) : read it
  20. Just another drop-out - poem by Gina Parkinson (fifth year) : read it
  21. The dentists - poem by Neil Williamson (second year) - handwritten by one H. Fitton?
  22. Chaos - collective poem by 3CW
  23. Diary of a Headmaster - tongue-in-cheek recollections by A.Non (we know who you are!)
  24. Pig - poem by Mark Trepte (third year) with illustration
  25. Wind - poem by James Garside (second year)
  26. Steel works - poem by Andrew Dermody, James McNeill and Michael Fletcher (second year)
  27. Untitled - poem by Lesley Briggs (fifth year)
  28. back to the top

Also unearthed in the same dig was the more conventionally presented
"Fully Comprehensive No.1"
(i.e. no paper bag, stapled) from an earlier period (1973). The cover price was 5p which, even in those days, represented something of a bargain

Fully Comprehensive School Magazine 1973

Contents, Contenu, Inhalt

  1. When I started secondary school - poem by Kate Paterson (THREE/2)
  2. French cartoons pinched from The Sun and translated by Etienne Chevalier (FOUR/1)
  3. For the death of a miner - Janice Utley (FOUR/2)
  4. The school in space - uncredited short story
  5. Untitled - poem by Mark Brown (THREE/2)
  6. Two horses - fibre tip pen on paper 210x297 - unsigned illustration
  7. English/French crossword - Carolyn Wilson (FOUR/2)
  8. Lords of the sea - poem by Susan Taylor (ONE/3)
  9. The sea - poem by Kate Paterson (THREE/2)
  10. Photograph caption competition
  11. Savez-vous planter les choux? - words and music by Janice Griffin (FOUR/1)
  12. That's life! - poem by Tim Spencer (TWO/3)
  13. The bullfight - poem by Anon
  14. Qui est le coupable? - french bande dessinée by John Carter (FOUR/1)
  15. Everest - poem by Bridgit Batchelor (TWO/7)
  16. Brimham Rocks - photograph by Robert Mallaby
  17. A storm at sea - poem by Sylvia Johnson (THREE/1)
  18. Sea and ships - poem by name withheld (ONE/1)
  19. The lesson - poem by Christine Hodgson (ONE/2)
  20. Girl's face - unsigned charcoal drawing
  21. The shower - novella by Sheila Todd (FIVE/3)
  22. Nature quiz - Sylvia Johnson (THREE/1)
  23. My night of horror - short story by Jean Sinclair (FOUR/4)
  24. The famous pianist - short story by John Weighman (THREE/6)
  25. Untitled - poem by Maureen Stockton Sixth Form
  26. Come on! - poem by Nicholas Boschi
  27. Dream fish - poem by Gordon Whitelock Sixth Form
  28. It's all in life - poem by Christine Greenwood (TWO/3)
  29. The one that didn't get away - photograph by Robert Mallaby
  30. Outings - poem by Julie Spowage (illegible form)
  31. That's life - rare insects - short story by Joanne Hartley (TWO/3)
  32. Autumn - the thoughts of Garry Brown (ONE/4)
  33. The bush fire - poem by Sally Metcalfe
  34. Bush fire - poem by Norma Spaven
  35. Birth - poem by Neil Hemingway (FOUR/5)
  36. Untitled - poem by Gordon Whitelock
  37. Christmas parcels for the children - essay by Tracey Beverley (FOUR/3)
  38. The first time I did cross-country - essay by Derek Cotton (TWO/5)
  39. Cross-Country - team results
  40. The school in space - repeated from earlier in the magazine - shome mishtake shurely?
  41. Christian Club - article by B.M.M
  42. The Olympic athlete - poem by Heather Mallett (FOUR/3)
  43. La Mer - poème française de Nigel Dixon (sixième)
  44. Rugby, basketball, soccer, netball and hockey results
  45. Vinland the Good - poem by Lynne Mulrooney (THREE/6)
  46. back to the middle
  47. back to the top.....

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