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Moorlands circa 1965
WSPANE banner Moorlands School class photo circa 1965 ?

back row : Miss Morton - Ivor Waterhouse - Carl Leafe - Steven Kay - Robin Dewhurst
middle row : Jane Thompson (?) - Susan Leslie - Simon Holden - Judith Braddock - Susan Myers
front row : Sheena Pettitt - Suzanne Shewan - Anne Braithwaite - Lydia Irvine - Margaret Smith - Bridget Batchelor

Submitted by Simon Holden in cahoots with Mark Leafe and Carl Leafe, October 13th 2000. Additional info from Diane Bonner (now Oakley) and Anne Braithwaite.
"Moorlands was effectively a holding point for the overflow from Crossley St. and the old St James by the church which we later went to before the completion of the new school in 1968. In the background (as well as what looks like wasteland) is the High School, our classrooms being what became the Rural Studies block"
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