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Crossley Street School 1960
Moorlands, 1960
Helen Dearlove at Moorlands School, 1960
Barbara Shoesmith at Robin Hoods Bay school trip, July 1960

Top Left : Back Row : Sheila Bottomly - Miss Pauline Majerus - Helen Dearlove. Front Row : Janet Ridings - Barbara Shoesmith - Hazel Cappell. Taken at Crossley Street School between the main school building and Portakabin classrooms, Summer 1960.
Top Centre : Helen Dearlove and Carol ? taken at (I think) Moorlands, 1960
Top Right : Helen Dearlove taken at (I think) Moorlands 1960
Left : Barbara Shoesmith (her parents were landlords of the Royal Oak Pub) on the Robin Hoods Bay school trip, July 1960

WSPANE banner Wetherby Crossley Street and Moorlands Schools Various pictures c 1960
submitted by Ken McArthur, October 8th 2011.
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