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Steve Knight Diane Bonner Val Jewitt Dawn Hennah Mandy Rance City/Graham Walker Angie Waller Janet Williamson Chris George Phil Robertson Linda Mackenzie Andy Ellerbeck Adam Knight

above : Steve Knight, Diane Bonner, Val Jewitt, Dawn Hennah, Mandy Rance, City, Angie Waller, Janet Williamson, Chris George, Phil Robertson, Linda Mackenzie, Andy Ellerbeck, Adam Knight

Pete Makin Brandon Young James Brook Tim Holland Nick Temple Deborah Clarke Adrian Suttle Fiona Watts Peter Surrall Petra Mullen Guy Wilson Gary Fozzard Shirley Lambert

above : Pete Makin, Brandon Young, James Brook, Tim Holland, Nick Temple, Deborah Clarke, Adrian Suttle, Fiona Watts, Peter Surrall, Petra Mullen, Guy Wilson, Gary Fozzard, Shirley Lambert

Craig McGlone Chris Newman Graeme Stokes Jan Griffin Sharon Dalby Dave Crinall Steve Marshall Dave Archdale Greg Smith Brian Spedding Chris Mawer Rob Illingworth Stephen Bolton

above : Craig McGlone, Chris Newman, Graeme Stokes, Jan Griffin, Sharon Dalby, Dave Crinall, Steve Marshall, Dave Archdale, Greg Smith, Brian Spedding, Chris Mawer, Rob Illingworth, Stephen Bolton

Susannah Rowlands Steven Dudley Nick D. Heaton Russell Johnston Paul Arnold Diane White John Lindley Jill Gardiner Helen Wormald Simon Waddington Keith Clark Kath Harbottle Kevin Robson

above : Susannah Rowlands, Steven Dudley, Nick D. Heaton, Russell Johnston, Paul Arnold, Diane White, John Lindley, Jill Gardiner, Helen Wormald, Simon Waddington, Keith Clark, Kath Harbottle, Kevin Robson

Peter Lister Michael Lister Stevan Alcock Tony Martin Elaine Gill (now Lunn) Toni Patterson Nicola Swaine Ted Johnson Geoff Chambers Ian Hough John Larkin TBA Squiffy Toper

above : Peter Lister, Michael Lister, Stevan Alcock, Tony Martin, Elaine Gill, Toni Patterson, Nicola Swaine, Ted Johnson, Geoff Chambers, Ian Hough, John Larkin, "Squiffy" Toper

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