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Subject Grade Subject teachers' remarks Teacher Sent in by
English I C- Does not do enough work Miss Majerus Steve P
English II 32% Amanda is full of good intentions she wants to do well. She does try hard...(to get 32%??) Gerald Payling, diplomat Amanda Rance
English III ? I am sorry but I am unable to grade Allyson's work! I am not sure I've ever met her Gerald Payling Allyson Jones' brother Steve
Speech/Drama I C Becomes excited too easily Miss Majerus Steve P
Speech/Drama II C+ Basically Stuart has wasted this year. He seldom gets really involved in improvisations preferring to exercise his talents in smart-alec comedy turns to amuse the rest of the class. He hates not being the centre of attention. I do hope his attitude changes soon with increasing maturity. Mr Wilcocks Stuart Rennie
Mathematics I D (CSE) Nicholas spends too much time sat at the back of class playing Class Clown with Andrew Firth Mrs Hudson Nick Gillett
Mathematics II C Mandy needs to be reminded to concentrate on the work in hand. Decidedly more effort could be made Patrick Henderson Amanda Rance
Biology I C Exam = 29% D A very poor result, she must concentrate. Spends too much time bothering what other people are doing instead of concentrating on her work Mrs Berry Julie West (White)
Biology II C 32% Stupid behaviour. Obviously influenced by non-workers Mrs Berry Steve P
Physics I sometimes wonder whether Philip is really bothered about the subject *(see below) Jim Frusher Phil Robertson
Science C- 32% Becoming proficient in doing the least amount of work possible illegible Steve P
History I C 27% Very little work done recently R. Procter Steve P
History II C+ Amanda is battling on and I am pleased to report that some advancement has been made in her essay writing A lot of hard work is still needed but she is not without hope! Reg Taylor Amanda Rance
History III D 34% E Good when he tries but this is rare RS Jon Parlby
Geography I C 23% Little progress - little likelihood of progress
a silly boy whose attitude has made it a wasted year
M. Winterburn Steve P
Geography II B Stuart seeks diversions when there are no road works. A stupid occupation for anyone with brains. Mr Marks Stuart Rennie
Geography III C
Exam 10% E
The exam grade holds the dubious record of being the worst I've ever seen. Julie has left herself so much to do even to achieve a respectable grade *(see below) Dave Moseley Julie West (White)
Geography IV C+ Work this term has been inconsistent. More effort needed JM (Mr Marks?) Amanda Rance
Geography V D- Rachael is a lively and alert girl but has proved herself geographically deficient J. Marks Rachael Evans
French I C
Exam 47% B
Can produce very good work when her mind is not in Memphis [I was a MEGA Elvis fan] Pavlick Thompson Julie West (White)
French II C- Is quite capable orally (1971)
Seems to have lost interest (1973)
Phyllis Heaps Amanda Rance (Mandy Thackray)
French III D Has not yet "found his feet" Phyllis Heaps Phil Robertson
Religious Knowledge D+ 18% Very poor - he's determined to learn the hard way D. Webb Steve P
Music B A high standard of work and knowledge of music but we have had problems.
I would like to join in Stuart's jokes but I have the class to teach
Mrs Swifthowe Stuart Rennie
Art I C- Stuart is no longer a joke, but he continues to wear the jesters outfit! The standard of work that I know he is capable of is very rarely in evidence. He has an irresponsible attitude to his work and to the rest of the class as his behaviour is at times disruptive Kathy Dalwood Stuart Rennie
Art II C-
Sometimes he decides to work
Has ability but refuses to use it - a crime!
M Fretwell
J Wardle
Jon Parlby
D+ should improve with practice
and later : "very very slow" get off the fence! - D+? - he's crap!
W. Brooks Phil Robertson
Handicraft II
B Generally a good worker provided he keeps out of other people's way D Livesey Rob Illingworth
Handicraft III
D Work of a poor quality W. Brooks Jon Parlby
Rural Studies C 49% Has worked reasonably well D. Palmer Steve P
Physical Education Little or no interest B. Mason Steve Knight
Physical Education II Continues to act stupidly. T. Mead Rob Illingworth
Harry Fitton said: He seems quite lethargic at times: does he get enough sleep?
He so often seems to lack energy
Rarely shows signs of exertion
Craftwork has developed well, otherwise little energy shown
Jon Parlby
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"my report has now been read by my children and it has confirmed what they always knew - that all parents are hypocrites!" - Jon Parlby
From Phil Robertson on the subject of his Physics report : "Jim, Jim, Jim....could you not see the topics going over my head and hitting the wall at the back of the room?"
From Julie West on the subject of her disastrous geography report : "Ooooh err..... those words are imprinted on my mind!! Liked old Mos, though - he used to get really mad with our class - he was our form teacher. The first time I ever heard the phrase 'you lot get right up my nose' was from him - funniest thing I'd heard. He used to chuck rubbers at us when he was really angry, twiddle his moustache and go all white and angry!"
From Mandy Rance (Miss Nice But Dim - her words, not mine!) : I was one of those pupils that teachers seemed generally to like. Unfortunately I was not a shining star in the classroom. (I have since been identified as having and aknoliged (!) somewhat dyslexic tendencies. These days I would no doubt receive sympathy, help and advice and allowances would be made for my lack of ability where written work was concerned. Those days I was just plain thick! Thank The Lord for word processors with spell checkers is all I can say!


Mrs Ten per Cent little or no interest Finding his feet Pet Rescue Class Clown?
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