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St. James' farewell message 1943

The text below is taken from the 1943 vintage school leaving pamphlet, issued by St. James school in Bank Street

The farewell message received on leaving St James 1943 The cover of the Leaving St James leaflet, 1943

Dear Lorna

You have now come to the end of your school career and are going into a large world. We desire to assure you of our best wishes for your future and of our continued interest in your welfare.
Advice is not always welcome but we hope that, knowing we have your well-being at heart, you will ponder, now and again, over the following paragraphs.

The 'With Every Good Wish' Message and Staff Signatures, St James 1943 Do your best at all times and in all places. Try to do your work a little better than anyone else could do it. Doing first-class work helps you to become a first-class man or woman
Be kind and courteous, determined in your good purpose and live adventurously - try to do things.
Keep your temper. There is no harm in having a temper, the harm lies in losing it.
By fresh air, by cleanliness, by recreation, by regular habits, by temperance in all things, keep your body fit.
Read good books - the best books - and best of all the Bible. It is hoped that the daily prayer and Bible reading of your school life have developed in you a personal contact with God.
Keep that ; believe us it is your greatest privilege.

In conclusion we would like you to keep in touch with the School. If at anytime anyone of us can be of service to you, write or call, and we will be only too pleased to help you.

With every good wish,

School Song

The school also had a song, which went something like this:

When our school days end
And we are out in the world
At work and at play
In the toil and stress of work-a-day
We will never forget our old school
WSPANE banner St James' School Leaving Message 1943
submitted by Friend of the Site Lorna Thornton (nee Scruton), September 2001
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