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St James C of E, Class 1 69-70
WSPANE banner St James C of E School Class 1 1969-70, Miss Clarke

back row : Wilf Morris (Head) - Simon Elderton - Phil Dalby (?) - Martin Milner - Tim Taylor - Andy Coates - Paul Thew - Mark Boyer - Keith Wilkes - David Boden - Carl Cresswell - Stephen Handley - Miss Clarke
middle row : Adrian Cox - Graham Bell - Russell Bridgewood - Unknown - Victoria Stacey - Unknown - Unknown - Unknown - Unknown - Gary Abbott
front row : Julie Young - Unknown - Karen Leafe - Julie Wheel - Unknown - Jane Rowlands - Karen Cripwell - Karen Greaves
cheap seats : Darren Cox - Peter Bell - Andrew Bonner (originally listed as Docker)

submitted by Jane Rowlands (now Barnes ), 6th September 2001. Names supplied by Jane, Karen Leafe (now Deighton) and Karen Cripwell (now Baker). Additional info from Andrew Bonner.
"some people started a term early (i.e. Summer term) and stayed in Miss Clarke's class for another full year"
St JIM info-spot: behind Mr Morris is the staff room - the other room was Mr Motley's classroom in 1967-68. Does anyone remember the excitement when a bull escaped from the abattoir next door? or going out to the playground to witness an eclipse around this time?
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