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St James C of E 1965-66
WSPANE banner St James C of E, 1965-66

back row : Mr Morris (Headmaster) - Stephen Dowling - Antony Farrow - Kevin Tatterton - John Chambers - Stephen Le Riche - Barry Hurrell - Stanley France - Stuart Gordon - David Stephenson - Mr Moore (Teacher)
middle row : Michael Dalby - Stephen Wright - Billy Allenby - Vicky Roberts - Rosamund Forth* - Janet Cooper - Graham Utley - Stuart Suttle - Andrew Ramsden
front row : Gillian Todd - Denise Hornby - Elaine Hornby** - Janet Kent - Sylvia Addison (?) - Margaret Ryder - Susan Haines - Lorraine Airey - Christine Anderson
floor : Charles Stones - Ronald Wedlake - Tim Nelson (?) - Philip Hardy - Edward Foweather - Eric Walton

* Rosamund Forth originally listed as Rosemary
I think Mr Moore's name was Rory. He also drove one of those Morris Shootingbrakes (the "estate version" with the real wood trimmings)
** a correspondent writes :
This might be a bit controversial, but I think the Hornby twins should be the other way round! (now switched, also confirmed by Sue Fawcett) I believe this to be the case because Denise was the object of my second crush! The first, by the way, had been in Junior 3: the teacher Mrs Corri, or MISS HOWE, as my aching heart will always remember her! I can well remember planning the gruesome demise of a certain Mr Corri when I learned of her plans to betray me for another! (certainly not in keeping with my current line of work of course!) (note: the correspondent is now a man of the cloth)
from Anthony Farrow : most of this class became the original first year at the new High School in September 1966
submitted by Phil Sharp, October 13th 2000 with additional info from Steve Dowling, Anthony Farrow, Sue Haines (now Fawcett) and Mike Dalby, who thinks the form was "Junior 8"
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