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School Picture St James Wetherby 1965-66
WSPANE banner St James C of E 1965-66*

back row : Wilf Morris (Headmaster) - Nick Osborn - Paul Johnson - Pete Swaine - Unknown - Duncan ? Thomson ? - Phil Dennis - Graham Yellow - Anthony Pedley - David Utley - Chris Gay - Miss Conway / Mrs Haw ? (Teacher)
middle row : Unknown - Gillian Frost - Norma Spaven - Janice Taylor - unknown - Carol Hobson - Annette Green - Denise Hodgson - unknown - unknown
second row : Elaine Norton - Carol Bellamy - Angela Waller - Virginia King - Yvonne Bowes - unknown - unknown - Linda Cuthbert - June Bell
bottom row : Desmond Williams - Russ Davies - Guy Stokes - unknown - Neil Hemingway - Nick Dewhurst - Steve Knight

submitted by Steve Knight, January 9th 2000 - the first picture to appear on this site!
additional info supplied by Angie Waller, Norma Sexton and Dave Byrom

* this picture was originally listed as 1963 - thanks to Shirley Lock for correctly identifying the year as 1965-66
Also in the class around this time were the Colcloughs - Thomas and his sister Jane. By the time this picture was taken, however, they had moved to boarding/private schools.

This picture was taken in the car park, Church Street, two years before the new school opened in Hallfield Lane c.1967
"When the High School was built some of us went to Crossley St with Mr Leafhead as Head and some followed Mr Morris to St James' on Hallfield Lane. I think that is why we don't remember all of the names....."

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