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St James Class 7 1970/71
WSPANE banner St James C of E Class 7 1970/71

circle : Mr. Wilf Morris (Head) - Steven Cooper - Stephen Kay - Philip Bellamy - Gary Yates - Nicholas Hall - Simon Holden - Geoffrey Brydon - Stephen Bolton - Alwyn Suttle - Stephen Whincup - John Bratton - Wendi Corri (Class Teacher)
stalls : Derek Cotton - David Knight - Valerie Jewitt - Elizabeth Kinghorn - Jane Thompson - Jaqueline Hodgson - Ann Bentham - Lynne Curtis - Susan Chambers - Rosemary Gearing - Anne Braithwaite - Caroline Radcliffe - Jason Ewen
guinea seats : Sirriol Jenkins - Margaret Smith - Dianne Bonner - Susan Parker - Janet McBride - Susan Steel - Elizabeth Tinley - Karen Holegale - Christine Tinley - Linda Carling
cheap seats : Chris Buck - Kevin Saddington - Steven Mammatt* - Beverley Holmes
* Mr Mammatt originally listed as Keith Mallaby who, it seems, went to Crossley Street and not St James. (from the Mammatt's mouth: "I can confirm that the good looking lad in the cheap seats IS me, Steve Mammat!)

submitted by Simon Holden. (Slightly) improved version submitted by Siriol Jenkins. Additional info suggested by Diane Bonner (now Oakley), Valerie Jewitt (now Black), Kevin Saddington, Steve Bolton and Liz Kinghorn (now Davies)
"Who is this impostor who was originally listed as me? It does look a bit like me but you're quite right I did go to Crossley Street at that time. However, people might remember me from St James as I did go there for one year before moving to Crossley Street for three years." - Keith Mallaby
On the subject of worst reports I'm sure my brother Robert (Mallaby) once had the following for P.E. : "If Robert can't help the way he runs I suggest he sees a doctor"
"I remember that dress well - my mum made it for my hols." - Liz Kinghorn
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