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St James Church Rooms Nursery
WSPANE banner St James' Church Rooms Nursery 1984-85 ?

mostly unknown but among the group are Robert O, Andrew H, Martin P, Andrew D and Emma D. Additional info from Maria Boyle who thinks she's in the picture but is "not exactly sure what I looked like when I was 4 years old" and Andrew Barlow. James B (far right, striped top), Paula E (blue top, blonde hair, directly in front of teacher with the grey sweater on the right), Tom P (ginger hair, white top, in front of Paula), Chris D (grey top, back row far right), Maria Boyle (white sleeves, back row, 4th in from left) and possibly Caroline B (3rd on left, front row, blue dress with teachers left arm around her). Front row, girl in bunches is Helen Goodwin.

:: in memory of little James

Submitted by an anonymous contributor
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