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rose tinted picture featuring the 1969 teaching staffIt's a fact - you never forget a teacher! And if you're honest, with the passage of time to tint the memory, you wouldn't really want to, would you?
These were the people who featured heavily in your formative years and, like it or not, they're part of your history. So, if you've got something to share, a memory of someone or something please let us know.
It's a free country, of course, but let's have no slander or unpleasantness - teachers have feelings too, right?
For starters, here are your memories of a couple of illustrious names...

Mr Harry FittonMr Fitton - Headmaster at WHS 1960's/80's?- "one of the best heads Wetherby High will ever see. Had a brilliant sense of humour when it came to the teachers panto at Christmas, played a naughty school boy well but don't know where the inspiration came from as the school was made up of angels." "You were seen smoking in Wetherby. I will not have pupils smoking in public!" He pounds his fist on his desk and ash flies up from his two, overflowing ashtrays. "Calm down, Harry." (Okay, I was a little cocky) "Have a fag." I offer him a Benson and Hedges and he has his hand out to take it, just before he kicks me out of his office.
UPDATE : Sadly, Mr. Fitton passed away in Harrogate on the 11th April 2007.


Mr Stan RamsdenMr Ramsden - Deputy Headmaster WHS - "A quote here from Ramsden to me when I was caught smoking with all those boys. I had to stop the tears falling down my face it was so funny: 'You girl...are you a boy? - I sure wish you were and I would give you a good spanking, but alas the corporal punishment book prevents me - mighty fine catch don't you think? Wait 'til I see Mr Fitton with this one!!' When about 30/40 of us were caught smoking behind the school gyms, he put us all in a line and started counting...(rubbing his hands together with a smile) "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 30, Ha Ha! Mr Fitton has never caught this many, I will be headmaster next week, I'm in such a good mood I'm not going to cane anyone! You will write me an essay on smoking and the tobacco industry"

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