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Lest we forget...

John 'Nudger' Hall 1970s sport and woodwork - "Never taught by him but was on the Dales Way trip in '73. Got bitten by a horse on that one and left to become a diver in Antarctica!
UPDATE: "Nudger" contacted the Archive, November 2005: "I was bitten by a horse on the Dales Way - God, it really hurt but I got everyone else past the mad horse!!
As for the Diving in Antarctica - yes, that was fantastic.
1973-1976 as Diver
1976-1979 as Antarctic Base Commander.
I still work in Antarctica but now as Head of Operations - British Antarctic Survey.
I still have very fond memories of Wetherby High School."
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Mrs Heaps (Phyllis?)Mrs Heaps 1960s - 1980s French "Old style teacher and none the worse for that!"
"In the fourth year a couple of ruffians in our class bombarded her with screwed up pages torn from our Jean-Paul/Collette text books. She burst into tears and went upstairs to find Rex Steel (qv). He went nuts and conducted the rest of the lesson but did later admit that it had been 'quite funny'"
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Patrick Henderson 1970s mathematician - "Hector as in Hector's House childrens programme - he was a 'big sad old Hector'. After a maths lesson with him once we came out and there was a cupboard against the wall so the lads moved it across the door. All you could hear as everyone went down the staircase was "help, please, help, let me out." We haven't a clue to this day who released him."
"Mr Henderson - the man who had Maths lessons in the 6th form Common Room when it was in the old navy buildings at the Hallfield Lane entrance (1974-75). Consistently overran his lessons into lunch time. We used to store our "sacs" containing our sandwiches among other things in this room - I remember waiting 20 minutes outside the door with most of the rest of the Upper 6th. Finally fed up, but not fed, I just walked in and through his lesson, picked my bag up from the back and walked out again. His eyes followed me all the way with undisguised hatred. Obviously had no influence on his time management though because he continued to do it"
"It was because he made us late out for our lunch after his maths lesson that they pulled the cupboard across his classroom door, he was a pig for overrunning but did it all the more. You were always late to your lessons because of him as well"
"I had the dubious pleasure of Patrick Henderson in three successive years, and in all that time he wore the same suit - a fern green number - every single day. Surely this was a record?"
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Mr HottonMr Hotton  1970s musician - "very good music teacher, actually had contacts and put high school concerts to vinyl. (see a collaboration with Rob Thomson.) Very strict and he was very frightening."
"once had Fuzzy Westwood in tears when he made him stand on a desk and sing before the whole class." Used to make you queue up and sing to grade your voice. Was never sure whether VB meant "voice breaking" or "Very Bad". Was a serious musician - once asked the class (1971?) whether Clive Dunn/Grandad was still top of the charts and visibly seethed when told it was.
Search for Martin Hotton on and see what you get!

Mrs Hudson  1990s mathematician "I attended the school in the early 90s and was taught by Mrs Hudson who subjected me to the lowest level, the G Scheme! The amount of detention she put me on was just unbelievable! - Anyway just to say that I work as a book keeper now, and am studying to be an accountant, all of which Mrs Hudson had nothing to do with!"

Mrs. Humphreys 1970s/80s Dead Languages "This is one for the select few. She was a Latin teacher - odour of fag smoke but was the most inspiring teacher I ever had (on an equal footing with Mr Jarvis anyway). She actually made Latin fun!"
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Miss HunterMiss Hunter 1970s mathematician and general joker - "Does anyone remember how she used to go red and shake with anger? God, maths still scares the living daylights out of me to this day and I teach it!"
"...the picture of the teachers is great but you must have got Miss Hunter wrong. The woman front row fourth from the left is smiling - Miss Hunter couldn't smile could she???? In all the years I had her for Maths I never once saw her smile. That woman scared me to death. Can you imagine how I felt as a first year sat in my new maths class and Miss Hunter is asking everyone their names....when I said mine she came really close to me and said 'Well I hope you're no relation to Alan Mackenzie' I said I was - she then had a fit, shouting at me how she wouldn't put up with bad behaviour etc...."

Mr Hunter 1980s mathematician - "loads of happy memories from the sixth form of hiding his board rubber every lesson - out of the window on string, in the strip lights. I remember once we hid the board rubber in the strip lights and he climbed up to retrieve it. One swift push from the boys at the end of the table and down he came. Looked like Mr Spock as I recall"
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Mrs Iles 1980s teacher of...? "The thinking pupils teacher. Very good with first years as she never lost her temper without good reason. Wore dodgy looking glasses which did not really suit her and had a crush on David Bowie. Insisted on knowing the love lives of her pupils."
"My form teacher in 6th form and just a great person. Thanks Miss!!"
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Mr Ireland 1970/80s French teacher..."...Had a habit of pulling down the skin under his chin and calling everyone (girls anyway) 'Lotus Blossom'...wore appalling brown suits!"

Paul Jarvis 1970s/90s english - "seriously cool teacher from the 70s and only just left Wetherby High. Sir, I wasn't being rude when I asked you where you got the flashes/highlights put in your was I to know it was natural?"
".....think I still hold his record for number of house points given in one go (five). I'll always remember how he encouraged me and made English enjoyable.....what a guy!! If he ever gets to read this 'thanks Sir, you were an inspiration and ever since those house points I now know I can achieve anything'"
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Mr Phil JordanMr Jordan 1970s and still going strong - "Bible Basher 2. Always calm and collected until he lost his temper and would kick you out of the room. I will never forget him doing a version of the striptease in a school panto to reveal a pair of lady's bloomers with big love hearts (I think) on both the back and front."
"Mr Jordan's striptease, very funny... Messrs. Fitton and Ramsden were the naughty schoolboys who wrote on his chest as he stood there almost 'corpsing' - what did they write? For the junior years 'Aston Villa' for the senior years 'Arsenal' but what got the biggest laugh was the fact that they wrote it big and it became:- "ARSE

Geoff Larwood Mr Larwood, only available in orange 1970s/80s - Art and motorbikes - "Dodgy moustache". Bit of a cool dude. Once told me one of my oil paintings looked like an element of female genitalia (my words, his was more to the point). Hadn't seen one at the time so what was I supposed to say??

© picture courtesy of Claire Perry (now Tobin)

Mr Lawrenson  1970s - "French teacher who inherited the Pavlik Thompson bequest. Had a running gag going with Moseley with the never used 'News of the World' headline "Teenage Nude Vicar in... " and then some bizarre situation would be added. I remember I tried to pass him my exercise book from the Thompson year but he refused it, probably couldn't believe someone was so stupid that they would actually do work when they didn't need to"
"took German so seriously that he kept inviting us round to his house for "German evenings", where we were convinced he was going to get us drunk on Gluhwein and Liebfraumilch and have his evil way. (of course, this never happened!) In the end, we ran out of excuses, and enjoyed a pleasant evening eating cheese and Black Forest Gateau. He did take us on great trips - to Newcastle University (we found a nice Italian and got drunk on chianti), The Beggars Opera in Sheffield (we found the Crucible Bar and got drunk on gin and tonic), Galileo Galileii at the National in London (Vicky rejected his suggestion of museums with "we don't want culture Sir, we just want to have fun") so we drank on the South Bank all afternoon. The best was a trip to Berlin, with Miss Benson too, when we missed the boat train at Hook of Holland and we had to find our own way across Europe to the Iron Curtain - he was not pleased. We all fell asleep in the German version of Galileo at the Berliner Ensemble (like seeing Shakespeare at Stratford), much to his disgust"
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Dave Livesey "He must have started teaching when he was 10!!!! Still going strong and his wife recently had a baby. Life in the old/young dog yet. Can still be seen on the cricket pitch at Wetherby"
on corporal punishment : "He once said to me 'times had to change, do you honestly think it is right for a teacher to hit someone for doing wrong?' - I got the impression when I mentioned people like ******* he didn't like their legacy, and was glad it was over

Mr McLaughlin  late 1970s/80s Irish chemist : "I remember O- level chemistry consisting of many lessons of dictation regarding ionic bonds and other such topics!! Went back to teach in Ireland about 1980. He once set off the fire alarms because of some mysterious odour (source unknown) in the ROSLA block"
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Pauline "Maggie" MajerusMiss Majerus 1960/80s - "brought some very good productions to Wetherby High, good drama teacher and English teacher, but watch her when she had a ruler!"
"BARBARA WANLESS!" During public performance of Pyramus and Thisbe, after Janet McBride (I think) finally died and fell on me, my toga unwrapped and spilled my boob into the audience's lap.
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Mr Stuart Marchant  Mathematician, left 1979 "I remember seeing all the form teachers lined up at the side of the Assembly Hall and hoping upon hope that the young good looking fellow on the end was my form teacher. My hopes came true. He was my form teacher for a year and I was heartbroken to hear he was leaving at the end of it. He used to make registration more interesting by having the whole class gather round his desk while he read Noggin the Nog. I have recently found Stuart alive and well and teaching in Basingstoke."
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Mr MarksMr Marks  1970s/80s geographer - "the man with the goldie locks, he was quite a soft teacher until we went on strike with the adjoining class during a geography lesson on a hot summers day and he had let us go onto the field; god did he throw a wobbly! we were gobsmacked. Sadly Mr Marks was in a serious accident and gave up teaching"

Brian MasonMr Mason 1970s/80s RE and games - "Confession : Cross country runs were never a problem for me - out of the school gate and into my granny's for a cup of tea, wait twenty minutes until the pack returned and then rejoin it, refreshed and ready to face the rest of the day"
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Mr Mead  1970s games teacher - "looked like Mr Roy from Basil Brush and failed to understand that some people don't like cricket"
not a very nice individual
"Meedie with the adam's apple the size of Wetherby, he looked like a bosnian goat hurder!!!"
"called everyone a 'spare' and told those of us who pi**ed about too much (me? surely not) to 'get a grip lad'"

Mr Miller 1980s History/Politics "Not sure when he started but he was there when I started in 1984 and is still there now. Many people's image of the archetypal Guardian reading left wing teacher, though our nickname "Kev the communist" was probably unfair and more a reflection of our juvenile mindset. A fine teacher when he'd finished complaining about a teachers lot in life. I don't think it helped when I pointed out the twelve weeks of holiday he enjoyed per year. Once let it slip that he wasn't keen on his son joining the Scouts because he considered that noble movement "too militaristic." Perhaps that nickname was apt after all..."
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Mr. Milne 1980s Biologist "absolutely gorgeous. I chose O-level biology because of him then he pissed off to Spain (I think!) around the early '80s."

Chalky MilnerMr Milner 1970s and still going strong -"dear Chalky, the best chalk and board rubber thrower for miles. Unfortunately the man has gone to pieces since whiteboards came in and the kids tend to keep the marker pens that you write on the boards with."
"seemed always to go that little bit further to prove a point, first snapping my ruler demonstrating the forces of earthquakes, then crashing his car showing the forces of nature (or was it a wasp!)"

David MoseleyMr Moseley 1970s Geographer
Last saw Mr Moseley working at York railway museum years ago. Remembering him showing us films of old engines l can only imagine how much happier he was!
He used to start every sentence with 'basically'. We used to all chime back 'basically'!
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Mr Mountain 1980s craft teacher "A strange looking fella, sporting a dodgy mullet and lips like Mick Jagger. Also rather short and had an annoying habit of standing too close to you when telling you off"

Mr Murphy 1980s Politics/History "'Scruffy Murphy' as he was known for his lack of dress sense and also lack of an iron. A good teacher though who did not let his obvious left wing sympathies show when discussing politics. Was once asked the following question by a cheeky pupil: 'Was that you I saw selling copies of Militant outside Leeds station at the weekend sir?' - 'No', he replied, 'it was Socialist Worker.'"
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Mystery Dragon a correspondent writes : "There was a horrible teacher who used to teach 1/7, 2/7 etc. and she wore glasses - she was a real dragon. Dawn Hennah, John Harris, Peter Smith, Nicky Charlton [don't ask how he got involved because he wasn't in our class] and myself decided to bunk off music in the toilets next to the dining room. Imagine the sight of me and Dawn laid on the toilet floor talking to the lads through a small hole in the toilet wall. They were blowing smoke through the hole for us to catch. Then, either Dawn or myself climbed up onto the sinks and laid back on the tiles when there was the loudest burst of thunder you ever heard! This teacher was shouting so bad. I have never stood up so fast in all my life, she scared the hell out of us. She sent a male teacher in to get the boys out and marched us back to the music lesson, where Mrs Swifthowe burst into floods of tears"
so - can anyone name this teacher?
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