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Lest we forget...

Reg TaylorReg Taylor 1960s/70s Games - "He may well have taught Games prior to his heart attack but I still have nightmares about history lessons with him. He liked some pupils much more than others I recall. I once lent him a photo of Mussolini, taken by my Grandad in Italy during the war, I don't recall ever seeing it again! He was one of the few teachers who really frightened me while I was at school"
"c.1971: Can anyone still see in their mind's eye the image of Reg Taylor sprinting after the 400 metre runner from the visiting deaf school (honestly) who didn't realise it was a false start? To Reg's credit he caught the lad after only 300 metres!"
"God, that man was scary. He once told me he was "going to jump on me from a great height" for having the temerity to laugh in one of his lessons. I was only 11"
"There were 2 excellent school trips organised by Reg Taylor:
1) Rome and Sorrento Easter 1971. Superbly organised with everything from the Catacombs to Gracie Fields.
2) Prague and Vienna Easter 1972. Unfortunately Reg suffered a heart attack just before departure and so the team was led by Mr (and Mrs Bob) Proctor and Miss (Esther) Barnes. Unlike Rome where we flew from London, we travelled by train across Germany to Prague and then on to Vienna. Czechoslovakia had recently been invaded by Russia and we were amongst the few tourists there at the time."
"He lives in Scotland now with his wife Morag and their two girls"
From Selena, his eldest daughter : "Reg says Hi to everyone and 'I don't remember ever scaring anybody! really! - just when required! My time at Wetherby High School is remembered with great happiness, especially our yearly easter tours abroad! The pupils that went on those were absolutely fabulous and I would be extremely pleased to hear from any of them'.
Contact Mr T

Pavlic Thompson early 1970s French teacher - "The original bad ass Easy Rider". Teaching methods not to everyone's liking!
Pavlic Thompson from Hull was a student teacher in the French Department who rode a powerful motorbike - Wetherby to York in 20 mins on a Yorkshire Show day. Painted his nails with red correction fluid just before the parents' evening and sat smoking Gauloises throughout - for some curious reason he apparently did not qualify as a teacher… a sad loss to the profession.
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Mr Thompson 1980s biologist - "Skinny fella with a dodgy looking moustache. He expected you to understand things straight away, and when you didn't, trotted out his favourite phrase "I wish you'd listen." More a lecturer than a teacher."
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Mr Thornton early 1970s "Maths teacher with a soup-stained tie and saggy brown suit. Catchphrases : "to my mind..." and "no two ways about it...". Disappeared suddenly - we were told he'd gone fishing but he never came back"
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Jayne Thwaites 1970s/80s Games Mistress - "Very posh - reminded you of the tally-ho brigade, she had long blond hair and wore fancy bandanas and spoke very very nice, like the queen with a slight lisp. She was a bit like tigger and bounced everywhere. Oh dear the girls had a little trouble pronouncing her name and kept pronouncing it with a very silent i…"
"..and was it appropriate for a woman of her age to spend her days wandering around in a short netball skirt with pigtails in her hair? The original Britney Spears!"
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Bridget Varley (later Mrs Beer) 1980s Needlework ? "had us sewing like mad to help her finish her wedding dress on time. Insisted that garments were "as beautiful on the inside as they were on the outside". Had us make stupid padded pictures and boxes. Masterminded the costumes (including dyeing cloth) for the school production of "My Fair Lady", which were a triumph"
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Mr Waddington 1970/80s English - "lovely English Teacher who taught us in the sixth form 1979-81 - got very embarrassed talking about the sexy bits in Tess of the D'Urbervilles and Wife of Bath. Had really curly writing and used to put copious notes at the bottom of your essays. Into American literature, believe he'd come late to teaching, and think he packed it in soon after taking us too! Surely we weren't that bad?"
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Mrs Wadsworth 1980s - "We all lusted after her. Out of ten we'd all give her one"

Douglas WebbMr Webb 1960s/80s RE, pianist and photographer - "looked like Mr Christie from 10 Rillington Place, anybody who ever saw the film will know what I mean."
"it should be mentioned that old Webbo probably took most of the pictures on this site"
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Mrs Welsh 1970s/80s? Cook - "The demeanour of a sexually frustrated rottweiler and no sense of humour in sight. Made cookery the chore it deserves to be"
"Married Mr Taylor and the temperament never improved!"
"had the entire school look for her lost (or stolen?) engagement ring (when she was Miss something or other). Must hold the record for the most name changes during a WHS career?"
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Mr White 1990s Headmaster - "…the towering headmaster who had a stern face, but a very approachable personality…he was a great listener and a man I repected (sic) emmensely (sic)…(still can't spell, eh Mr E??!!)"
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Mr Whitehead 1960s/70s woodworker - Dave Hodgson's bowl, 1971"Used to confiscate 'unsafe' bikes from the bike rack and leave them outside the office where you had to do the 'walk of shame' to reclaim them. He would wait a day or so for you to effect the repairs he considered necessary. If not, when you went back to the bike rack to scoot off home your bike would have vanished again. I took to locking mine - even though theft was unknown then. So - not just physical abuse with customised floorboards, but a kleptomaniac too!"
"I remember his motto 'more haste less speed'- It was on a postcard on the woodwork room wall. I never did finish anything apart from those damn salad servers!"
His catchphrase : "Touch your toes!"
"whilst spitting out of the top of the tower block, I hit Mr Whitehead clean on the head. He was walking with Mr Payling. I moved desks promptly, stitching one of my classmates up"
Is anyone still using anything they made in woodwork? or metal work? (i.e. has any saddo still got an old copper ashtray on a mahogany coffee table?) Dave Hodgson, although not a saddo still has a bowl and lopsided bedside cabinet from 1971!
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Mr WilcocksMr Wilcocks 1970s English teacher, started September 1972 - "aka 'Red' Wilko - was he a Reginald? (Mr. W contacted the Archive to categorically deny this - he is, in fact, a Richard!). Good teacher with a dry sense of humour"
"was quite pally with Comrade Gau" (again, denied by Mr W who has no recollection of this mec)
"…memories of going to see a boring production of Macbeth in York and getting rather the worse for wear on one of Mr Wilcocks' trips. He made me walk along a line of curb stones to prove I was sober – needless to say I failed"
Anyone remember his production of Aliens, a musical staged in 1979?
See this and other items in The WILCOCKS collection

Mrs Wilkinson 1960s/90s English "Retired from teaching in the early 1990s. Friendly teacher of English and there is where I will leave it - Mavis is one of my line dancing friends and I have no wish to dish the dirt on her. She is also a respected figure in Wetherby."
"so, what dirt is that, then?"

Mrs Willis "Joined the school in the 1970s as a games teacher, very strict but could be a good laugh. Later became Mrs Mosley"

Malcolm WinterburnMr Winterburn 1960s/80s Geographer - "Our 5th year form tutor in '73. He was a good laugh at times and a terror on others, he must have cursed us some days. He had the luxury of his own office (with self-catering facilities I remember), just off the classroom. You would be raising mayhem thinking he was half a mile away in the Staff room when the door would open and he'd have you bang to rights. He kept us all back one day when he discovered a patch of tiny holes in the wood strip that ran round the classroom. 'It looks like someone has thrown darts in it! he roared, demanding to know the guilty parties. In unity is strength… no-one owned up. Mr Winterburn, if you're still out there, I can reveal that Russ Holden, Warren Young and Phil Robertson did it, and it was darts that made the holes. But only because we kept missing the picture of Donny Osmond we'd attached to the pinboard above the wood. Has the statute of limitations run out on this one?
Also, at some point in an afternoon lesson in '73 he must have rolled the rotating blackboard round to reveal to the class he was teaching a 3' square image of 'Desert Island Dick' chalked on in full colour. Was anyone there and remember it? Sir! sir! it was Nick Holmes sir! He drew it during one rainy lunchtime"
UPDATE: From Mr W, 2007:
"(I) shaved off that ridiculous moustache (as seen in the caricature) in 1978!"
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Mr Woods 1980s long distance runner - "fond memories of the cross country run in the snow and ice when he was all dressed in his coat and track suit. Did he let us wear them? OH NO!"
"Mr Woods taught me for European studies in about 81/82. A bit of a sod if I remember. Yes we got on very well. At least I passed the subject with flying colours - that made his day!!!!"
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Mr Wright 1970s chemist - "teacher of few words but was quite good fun in science. The lads in our class seemed to get a kick out of the machine that conducted electricity, gave you shocks and made your hair stand on end. I was really good at science if you were meant to blow up the test tubes"
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Mrs Zenbergs 1970s Languages - alias Miss Aitken - "good teacher who got me through my exam."
Nickname : "Concorde"

What was the very strict Science teacher with the hole in his neck called? "He was there for only a short period '68 - 70? He took our class for a science lesson once in the 'other' Rural Science classroom (opposite Bill Rotheray's bungalow). I remember absolutely nothing from that lesson apart from the fact that everyone had the fear of God put into them and a teacher had proved that he could be universally hated."
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