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School Trip, unknown year. Mr Rawson

left: Ken Norton second row, second from left; others unknown. The teacher is Doug Rawson. The girl on the front row at the extreme right is Margaret Wardingley. Front row middle is Carol Inman (although "I'm sure the girl 3rd along the bottom is my mum Linda Ellis" suggests otherwise?). Maybe the location is Scaur Bank?
from Roger Keighley (via Facebook) : "I think the girl in the middle at the back is Ann Moody"

School Trip, unknown year

left: Pauline Norton top left. "'The dark haired girl in centre at the rear is Molly Bell. Boy with glasses to her right is John Watson. Centre row at extreme right wearing leather jacket is Derek Wright and below him is Victor Kendall." Others unknown

WSPANE banner Two School Trips; Dates and Destinations Unknown
submitted by Garry Norton, September 16th 2008. Additional info from Barrie Wardingley, Lynda Woodrow, June Vassay, Mandy Greenough and Roger Keighley.
from the collection of Mrs J. Norton
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