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Dick Whittington 1963
WSPANE banner Wetherby County Secondary - production of Dick Whittington Christmas 1963

left to right :Raymond Wrigglesworth - Unknown - Lynn ? - Sue ? as Dick Whittington - Unknown - May McCarlie as cat - Unknown - Lesley Selves (wearing Yashmak) - Peter Utley
Can anyone fill in the missing names? Did anyone witness the performance? Let me know...
Produced by Pauline Majerus

submitted by May McCarlie (now Dickson), 30th April 2001 : additional info from Lesley Wrigglesworth (now Mercy) and Andrew Wostenholm
"I was cast as Capt. Arbuckle in this presentation - unfortunately I took ill and had a stand in on the night. The girl in the yashmak I believe is Lesley Selves. I attended that school from September 61 to July 65." - AW
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