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1970 Football Programme 1960s Football Fans left : semi-final programme dated March 1970 - Wetherby High School beat Knaresborough Grammar to go to the Christelow Shield final at Harrogate Town's ground.

right : Up for t'Cup - Fans at the Final
photo: Douggie Webb
WSPANE banner Wetherby High School, Football Fans 1969-70

above right names : Trevor Hughes, Colin Outon, Tony Newiss, Chris Whincup, Phil Dykes, Unknown, Stevie Paul (?), Ricky ? (seated), Pete Inman, ? Carr, Andy Whincup, Garry Norton (in school blazer), Steve Dowling.

1970s Semi-Final Programme - team line-up

We welcome Knaresborough Grammar School today in the hopes of reaching the final of the Harrogate and District school's competition. The Grammar school side have been doing quite well in the school's league this season whilst our own record is quite a good one. The game should be close but we are confident that given the encouragement from the side we shall be able to win through.

Of the games we have lost this year it is fair to say that the side has played under strength because of the calls on several players for the area side. This must be good for the school and Dunwell, Bothwell, Cox not forgetting Blakeley have all shown up well at representative levels. Geoffrey Dunwell in particular has had an outstanding season and has attracted the attention of several football league clubs: among which are Leeds Utd. , Middlesborough, Huddersfield Town and Sheffield Utd.

Whatever happens today the side will have had a very successful season and the players are in the right mood to take the school to the final for the first time for many seasons.

WHS Team:
D. Cox - M. Archer - S. Dowling. - K. Senior - A. Newiss - M. Parker - G. Dunwell - G. Norton - T. Norton - M. Bothwell - E. Walton. sub: A. Whincup
Colours : All Red. Referee : Reg Taylor. Kick-Off: 4.15pm (school finished at 3.45)

submitted by Garry Norton, 12th August 2007. Additional info suggested by Paul Stancer
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