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The Usual Suspects
WSPANE banner Wetherby High School Teaching Staff, 1969

back row : Douglas Webb (RE) - Mr Fretwell (Art) - Barry Sellers (Art) - Malcolm Winterburn (Geography) - Robert Proctor (History) - Peter "Rocker" Railton (Games) - Jim "Dan" Dyer (Maths) - Mr Mole (Science) - David Palmer (Rural Studies)
middle row : Mr Whitehead (Woodwork) - Mrs Brindley (Maths) - Reg Taylor (Games) - Miss Lewis (Maths) - Martin Hotton (Music) - Mrs Fielden (Sports) (formerly Miss Hindley) - John Manning (English) - Rob Thomson (Drama) - Mr Brooks (Technical Drawing/Woodwork) - Gerald Payling (General Studies and English Literature/Language) - Mr Berry (Science) - Rex Steel (Modern Languages) - Alain Gau (French Assistant aka "Donovan") - Anne Grange (special needs teacher) - Mrs Elviss (Home Economics - not Olive from "On the Buses")
front row : Mrs Wilkinson (English) - Mrs Boardman (Home Economics) - Mrs Berry (Biology) - Miss Hunter (Maths) - Linda Mann (school secretary) - Miss Barnes (Senior Mistress) - Harry Fitton (Headmaster) - Stanley Ramsden (Deputy Head) - Bernita Taylor (?) (school secretary) - Phyllis Heaps (French) - Mrs Hall (Needlework) - Miss Speight (RE) - Mrs Johnson (Geography)

Submitted by Alison Dalby, March 6th 2001. Improved image received from Rob Thomson, December 2007. Additional info from Nikki Suttill, Julie West, S.Robinson, Diane Bonner, Andy Brownridge, Phil Robertson, Anne Birchall, Janet Williamson, 'Rocker' Railton, Steve Bolton and Rob Thomson.
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close-up and personal
Wetherby High School Teaching Staff, 1969 - Close-Ups

from S. Robinson : Sat next to Mr Fitton on his left is Miss Barnes - how could Diane Bonner and Dawn Hennah ever forget her?
An admirer of Mrs Fielden recalls : this blonde beauty, I remember, was the girls' P.E. teacher...but her name escapes me (not any more!). As a pre-pubescent 1st year I remember me and another lad trying to look up her skirt as she went up those open stairs just inside the reception area which went up to the staff room and library level. I think Reg Taylor was really pally with her, if my memory is correct.
from Nikki Suttill The 5th person sat down from the left I think is Linda Mann who I presume still lives in Wetherby. If it is her then she now works at a Nursery in Wetherby
from Diane Bonner on the subject of Mrs Berry : remember the snake in the bottle? They have still got that at Wetherby High although it looks a bit haggard now....
just a thought : did anyone ever see Mrs Johnson and Margaret Thatcher in the same room at the same time?

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