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WHS Form THREE/3 or FOUR/3 1968
WSPANE banner Wetherby High School Form THREE/3 1968-69

back row : Gregory Deacy - Andrew Smith (?) - Trevor Dixon - David Cooper - Stuart Suttle* (not Peter Russell as previously suggested) - Eric Dean - Christopher Prentice - Les Dawson - Ronald Weslake or Graham Hayward* - Billy Allenby - Trevor Norton
middle row : Jeanette Hodgson - Colin Banham - Unknown - Kenneth Bowes - Gordon Thorpe - Ross Wilson - Brian Spedding - Tommy Varley - Garry Norton - Cheryl Baughn
front row : Margaret Ryder - Elizabeth Anne Corbett - Christine Anderson - Susan Grasby - Susan Dykes - Susan Hicks - Gillian Gay - Heather Brooks - Dawn Williams - Patsy Wharton - Rosamund Forth

Submitted by Anne Corbett, 12th March 2004. Anne blames her lack of memory on Italian food (or wine!), having lived in Tuscany since 1974! Additional info from Diane Cooper (nee Bowes), Eric and Carole Dean (who have managed to recall 99% of the names and can confirm the form was NOT FOUR/3 as originally suggested), Billy Allenby, Garry Norton, Diana Oakley and Adrian Suttle
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