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WHS Fifth Year Form 1968
WSPANE banner Wetherby High School Fifth Year Form 1968

back row : Raymond Toes - Andrew McArley - Steve Williams - Brian Hopps - John Peck - Steve Daniells - Alan Seagrove - Dave Smith - Brian Frank Latham - Paul Fraser
middle row : John Parker - Keith Raper - Steve Hodgson - Graham Noble
front row : Sheila Robertson - Sue Beech - Elaine Frobisher - Jean Chambers - Ann Ruddock - Anne Gregory - Gaynor Austin - Lesley Selves - Janet Pywell - Yvonne Johnson - Linda Thompson

submitted by Brian Hopps, February 27th 2006. Additional info from Diane Bonner, Steve Williams and Linda Thomas (was Thompson). Picture taken on the concourse between the original tower block and the main building. At the back in the distance was the dining hall.
"The little grey cells have worked overnight and I have two more names for this photo, I am sure that this is the complete very first 5th form at Wetherby High School, Academic year 1967-68. The only pupil who is missing from this photo is Louise Haskey who was the first Head Girl at WHS" - SW
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