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WHS 1969 Form 1/2
WSPANE banner Wetherby High School Class ONE/2 1969, Mrs Johnson

back row : Michael Hodkinson - Colin Cattel - Dave Edwards - Martin Bratton - Graham Yellow - Robin Johnson - Gary Earle - Nick Briggs - Chris George - Danny Whitelock
middle row : Colin Smith - Steve Marshall - Stevan Alcock - Jane Westward - Kate Mills - Katherine Forster - Carolyn Wilson - Claire Brickell - Julie West - Fredrika Hauger
front row : Jane Ward - Fiona Kelly - Denise Hodgson - Allison Collins - Susan Given - Janice Shinkins - Annette Green - Norma Spaven

Chris George left Wetherby High School in 1971 and moved to the badlands of Buckinghamshire. His interest in photography, nurtured during his time at WHS, stood him in good stead - after leaving school he became a professional photographer and went on to be Chief Photographer for the Guernsey Evening Press. Chris was the picture editor of that august journal but has now moved on (2006). Married (to Sally) with one daughter (Sarah), he is keen to hear from anyone who remembers him!
submitted by Chris George, September 5th 2000. Additional info from Carolyn Wilson.
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