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Wetherby High School Rugby Team 1966-67
WSPANE banner Wetherby High School Rugby Team 1966-67

back row : Brian Spedding - Garry Norton - Shaun Firth - Jonathan Smithson - Stuart Bulimore - Martin Archer - Chris Prentice - John Chambers
front row : Graham Utley - Tony Farrow - Unknown - Stuart Gordon - John Taylor - Trevor Norton - Peter Thompson

submitted by Brian Spedding, May 5th 2002. Additional info from Jean Widnall (now Wooler) and Eric & Carole Dean
"Stuart Gordon (Goofy) once had a wrestling match with one of the geese and ended up losing, sustaining either a badly bruised or fractured shin whilst trying to kill it for Christmas!! This was his come-uppance for ignoring Mr. Palmer's advice on how to do it humanely."

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