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Wetherby County Secondary - Scott House Under 13 Football Team c 1963-64
WSPANE banner Wetherby County Secondary Scott House Under 13 Football Team c1963-64

back row : Unknown - Kenneth Catmul - Paul Frazer - Franz Barowski (a Polish orphan) - Paul Fletcher
front row : Roy Fletcher - Unknown - Timothy Dale - Andrew McCarlie (goalkeeper) - John Corbett - Stephen Parlby

Submitted by Paul Frazer, now living in East Anglia, April 2000. Additional information from Steve Daniells, who was in the Fleming team of 1963-64, Steve Parlby, Eric and Carole Dean (nee Leafe) and John Corbett
".....we used to walk to the site of the new school and use what was left of the old pre-fab buildings as changing rooms. Cold old days!..."
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