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U12 Rugby Team Autumn 1968
WSPANE banner Wetherby High School Under 12 Rugby Team Autumn Term 1968

back row : Nigel Dalby - John Coates - Carl Shewan - Richard Bulmer - Simon Wood - William ? - Simon Smithson - Christopher Phillips
front row : Chris Kinghorn - Unknown - Philip Pearson - David Archdale - Derek Coote - Stephen Edwards - David Culloden - Russell Holden

A pair of Stanley Matthews' boots recently sold at auction for a few hundred pounds - what would some of these boots be worth today? Gentlemen - you could be sitting on a goldmine.....
submitted by Russ Holden, October 19th 2000 - "...apologies to those whose names I couldn't remember". Additional info from Philip Pearson, Dave Crinall and Melvyn O'Connell
1969 Team
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