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Wetherby High School Under 13 Rugby Team 1968-69
WSPANE banner Wetherby High School Under 13 Rugby Team 1968-69

back row : Malcolm Nesfield - Brian Spedding - Chris Prentice - Unknown - Graham Utley - Unknown - Barry Hurrell (Butch) - John Russell
front row : Garry Norton - Stan Berrenko ? (German) - Stuart Suttle - Trevor Norton - Kevin Senior - Stephen Batchelor - Martin Archer

submitted by Malcolm Winterburn in association with "Rocker" Railton, February 15th 2002. Additional info from Eric and Carole Dean, Martin Archer and Trevor Norton.
"The Under 13's team got under way in this year. Many of the lads went on to play Club Rugby - although they don't look that happy at the prospect in this photo!"
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