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Wetherby High School Under 14 Rugby Team 1968-69
WSPANE banner Wetherby High School  Under-14 Rugby Team 1968-69 or 1969-70?

back row : David Archdale - Jonathan Hornby - Russell Tobin - John Goodyear - Jonathan Smithson - Peter Buck - Unknown - David Wood
front row : Marmaduke (Duke) Heslop - Shaun Firth - Mick Scoresby - John Barton - Stephen Etherington - Owen Rhys - Harold Yeoman (maybe)

MW: "This was the year (1968/69) when WHS started playing Rugby. David Palmer (aided and abetted by yours truly) got the thing going..."
submitted by Malcolm Winterburn (in association with "Rocker" Railton), February 15th 2002. Additional info from Pete Makin, Phil Robertson, Jean Widnall (now Wooler) and Steve Knight

see the 1970 version of this team

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